Starting over… for real.

Here it is, ya’ll. I’ve been threatening for a long time and I’ve finally made the switch.

Xanga was frustrating me every single time I tried to blog, plus, I hate what the other xanga bloggers write about (or at least what gets featured on their front page – gross!), and I didn’t want to support such bad taste any longer. There’s a ton of other reasons I switched to wordpress, too – it just looks cleaner, more organized, more like a web site, rather than just a blog.

So, anyways, I’m here now, and I’m happy about it. I think. Still getting used to how it works and a few things are not to my liking, but overall, I still like it better.

I think I’ve been wanting a fresh start on a blog for a long time, too, because I started that xanga site when I was much younger, single and just at a very different point in my life.

Now mommy-hood and wifeliness are my full-time occupations, and so those adventures will primarily be what fills up these blog pages.

I didn’t start a blog because I thought that our life is so important that everyone in the world deserves the opportunity to read about our daily goings-on. It’s because these daily goings-on are important to us – to our family, our history, our lifelong story. These are thoughts, pictures, ideas I want to remember. This is our own personal history book – and photo album!

It’s a living online record of the David Norris family.

I think I also blog because I’m not just a photographer and mommy and wife, but a writer! For pete’s sake – that’s what my degree is in!

Seriously, it’s a lot of work to write – because I’m so picky about how to say what I want to say and making it just right. But I want to write and I need to write. So that’s reason #….. something for having a blog!

Also, on my xanga blog I didn’t feel very real. I was posting pictures about our activities, maybe holidays or cute stuff, but I never really wrote anything – not anything deep, for sure.

This blog will not be like that. I hope to share stuff I’m learning, trials and happy lessons, sad moments and hard moments and all the stuff that makes life real.

So welcome, if you’re interested in our own little walk through time. 🙂 We’d love your company.

And now, some Lydia pictures. 🙂 Which cannot fail to make you smile after reading all my serious, boring ramblings.

This smile melts my heart. EVERY time.

Also, enjoy the adorable shots of Susannah below, that I put on a few test posts. 🙂


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