Happy (early) anniversary to us!

David and I have had this relationship with our OWN room for the past nearly 8 months:

  • we entered creeping quietly during every nap time and night after 6 or 7 p.m.
  • perfected the art of opening and closing the door noiselessly
  • WD-40’d the door multiple times to keep it from creaking
  • perfected the art of opening and closing dresser drawers noiselessly
  • used cell phones (turned to silent mode) for a frustratingly dim and inconsistent flashlight
  • stumbled around in the dark
  • held our breath at every creak of the floorboards, jangle of the dresser handles, something accidentally dropped…

Yeah, it’s definitely been a complicated and unhappy relationship with our room. We’d almost forgotten what it looked like with the lights on.

See, the plan had always been to move Lydia into Susannah’s room when she was sleeping through the night.

Assuming (foolishly) that Lydia would sleep more like Susannah did as a baby, I figured that would mean she’d be in our room for maybe the first 3 months.

No big deal, right?

Well, I’d love to report that Lydia is now sleeping “like a baby” through the night. (That very misleading phrase will always make me laugh after experiencing Lydia’s relationship with sleep.)

But I am not able to say that Lydia has learned how to sleep the whole night, or even that she has learned to sleep most of the night….

Or even that she has learned how to sleep for more than three hours at a time.

BUT I am grateful to report that we’ve moved her into the big girl room anyway, and we are VERY much happy to have our own room back – a sanctuary that is truly our own again.

Susannah is (in complete contrast to her sister) a very deep sleeper and always has been. Yes, even she has been awakened by the screaming – I don’t know how anyone could sleep through an hour and half (or two) of ear-piercing screaming just a few feet from their head.

Still, we are so grateful, again, that Susannah’s calm spirit and ability to sleep has, overall, been stronger than Lydia’s screaming, and we haven’t had both the girls meltdown at the same time … yet. 🙂

Whatever the consequences, getting just a taste of having our own room back, means we’ll never go back.

Lydia will just have to scream, and Susannah will just have to keep learning to sleep through it.

‘Cause, baby, we ain’t going back. 🙂

I am also happy to report that both sweet girls are sleeping like angels for nap time right now – in the same room – allowing me to write this post.

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it’s peace, and it’s wonderful. 🙂

(hmmmm…. this makes me want to write a post about letting babies “cry it out.”  That’s another complicated, unhappy relationship I have… for another post)

Now, enjoy a couple cell phone shots. These are kinda old. I need to take some current pictures – especially of Lydia, who is growing and changing at a rapid and constant pace! It’s exciting, but I know she’ll be a big girl before long, so I’m enjoying and cherishing all the baby stages right now – which are TONS of fun with her. 🙂

Such a curious, energetic little bug. I love her so much.

My baby bear being thoughtful – as usual.

Something she’s started doing lately – she calls it her robe. 🙂

Being silly. 🙂


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