Not how I wanted it to be

Ah. Couldn’t that be said by so many people about so many things in our lives?

But this blog …. it’s not how I wanted it to be.

I love blogging. I seriously have a blogger heart/soul – wherever a blogger’s natural tendency lies, if there is even such a thing or place. Whatever.

I’ve been dying to update for weeks – pretty much ever since my last post. I have tons of things on my mind, in my life, tons of pictures of my girls!

So much I want to do and say and post, and I feel trapped – I can’t, I won’t let myself do something I WANT to do, because whenever I have computer time I must do things I NEED to do.

Not that those things I have to do are bad – like editing wedding pictures of beautiful brides who are waiting so patiently for me to finish…

You see why I don’t make time for this blog?

But that’s not the way I wanted it to be at all.

I know that I need to blog. Yes, I have to blog. I have to write things, get them out, share them. Do not ask me to explain this, it is just true.

So here I am again making another explaining/excuse/”I’m gonna write a real blog one day” postย  with more cell phone pictures, instead of the actually good pictures I took with my actual camera all because I don’t have time for this blog.

This makes me sad.

But I have not found a solution.

In any case, my girls look cute even in cell phone pictures and they do capture the moments of our lives that are passing so fast. So fast.

Here me and Subs were outside chilling at sunset last week, playing in some leftover puddles after Lydia went to sleep and David was at work.



Our rain day last week – such a blast for the girls! We had a long, wet, rainy day for the first time since January, and both girls absolutely loved getting wet and muddy.


My Lydee bug – on a recent trip to Frankie Carter park.


And a shot of my Subee at Frankie Carter.


Susannah was very proud of this outfit that she designed all by herself. Standing in the bowl was part of the presentation.


On the trampoline at Granny’s house.


Both girls having a good time. Susannah was trying to hug Lydia and keep her in the picture for me. I appreciated her very sincere efforts, but Lydia thought it was a great game – and didn’t let it stop her from lunging for my camera.


How time flies. My baby girl is 9 months old.

I’ll be celebrating her first birthday in less than 3 months?!




4 thoughts on “Not how I wanted it to be

  1. Hey jenny!
    I totally relate!! so many things I want to do. so many things I need to do. And I usually have to let needs take priority over my wants. And I try to remind myself that this is part of God’s call to me to surrender my will to His. But I also recognize that sometimes I *do* need time to do something I just *want* to do. Really, sometimes the laundry and dishes can wait till tomorrow…. they will still be there after I take some time to relax and de-stress. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Amy Russell

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