Family time

Susannah: Let’s play hide and seek, Daddy!

D: Ok!

S: I count and you go hide!

D runs and hides.

S: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 … 8, 9, 10, 11… 8, 9, 10, 11…. 8, 9, 10, 11 (repeat last four digits 5 more times). Ready or not, here I come!

Runs right past David’s obvious hiding spot.

S: Daddy where are you?!

Me: Maybe Daddy’s in your room – check in there.

S: No, it’s too dark. (exactly why it’s a good hiding spot)

She continues to wait, calling for her Daddy.

I just remember hide and seek having so much more seeking in it when I was a kid…

He jumps out, and she screams the loudest, longest, most high-pitched scream possible while running away.

S (as her screams/giggles are still dying out): Daddy, I wanna play again – you go hide, I count.

As is obvious from her hide and seek story, Susannah is learning a little about numbers… but not so much about counting.

Me: How old are you now, Susananh?

S (holds up two fingers): Two!

Me: That’s right! And how old will you be on your birthday?

S (Holds up three fingers): Three!

Me: That’s right!

S: I wanna have my birthday right now!

Me: Well, we have to wait for your birthday. It hasn’t come yet.

S: We have to wait for it to come?

Me: Yes.

S (cupping cute hands to her little mouth and using most earnest voice): Come on, birthday! I want you to come now!

Then she sighs sadly and looks at me, throwing her hands up: I don’t think he’s gonna come right now.

Susannah (sorta) likes the sprinkler we bought her at the beginning of the summer. She also really likes, as any little girl should, sprinkles on cupcakes and cakes and whatever else.

Oh, you devious designers of the English language – these words are much too similar for two-year-olds.

S: Can I have a cake pop with pinkalers on it?

She still can’t say an “s” with any other consonant.

I’m afraid Susannah is turning out to be quite the quintessential girly girl, princess-type.

Without much help at all from us, she discovered:

a.) what a princess is (dresses pretty and wears crowns)

b.) a princess is who everybody wants to look like

c.) Susannah, herself, wants to look like and dress as a princess

d.) calling someone (boy or girl) a princess is, obviously, the highest compliment.

One recent day I was dressed up to go somewhere.

S: Mommy! You look sooooo cute! You look like a pwincess!”


OK, get ready for ridiculous amounts of cute kid pictures…


JULY 4th

We celebrated July 4th with, first, photographing a wedding, then rushed right into dinner with our dear friends Tim and Abbie and their sweet girls, and then capped the late night (for the girls) with a fireworks show.

(I took all the below picture with my cell phone camera so excuse the quality)

Lydia’s first, Susannah’s first show to watch without screaming in terror throughout it.

Lydia did great – of course, my little adventuress. She did get scared at first and hide her face, but she quickly became too fascinated with the noise and light to keep hiding.



Susannah also cried and hid and generally panicked when the fireworks began, but she pretty quickly calmed down with Daddy holding her and began to enjoy the show. This is by far the best shot I got of the two of them…

It is really hard to take picture with a cell phone at a fireworks show… REALLY hard.




Susannah (about the fireworks): “Awwww! They so CUTE!”

A little bit later she decided: “They making a BIG mess!”



Susannah and dear friend Ellie watching the fireworks – Ellie had the mini-rocking chair for her seat, so unfortunately, her movement meant my camera registered only a blur. Her face looks much different in real life.


Love this shot of the two of them – sweet friends.





My favorite shot from that night – the view nobody else is taking a picture of.




A few days after July 4th on David’s weekend (aka Wednesday) we headed to the beach on a whim.  It’s our favorite free family spot.


Lydee bug was a huge fan of everything there, even, much to my disgust, the slimy seaweed, which, yes, she put IN her mouth! :/



David is a master at finding things in the sand – with his FEET. While carrying a 30+ pound child. I am amazed. I just try to avoid/not think about what I’m stepping on.

However, David’s curious feet found us three crabs in their in-tact shells. It was pretty cool.




AH! LOVE her! LOVE that sweet smile.


Sweet bug!



“This world is amazing!! Why didn’t ya’ll ever tell me about this squishy gray stuff before?!”


My little muddy princess.


My little water baby – she’s never happier than in the water/sand/mud.


I wanted her to throw her hands up and say “Yay for crabs!”…. Doesn’t she look so enthusiastic… You can’t get Subs to perform. EVER.



Subs cautiously inspecting the crab.


This shot is one of my favorites from the day – Daddy instructing, girls listening and watching and learning. Gosh! What an awesome family I have – that’s my little family and we’re making these memories together. What a blessing.



Curiously inspecting the crab – totally unaware and unafraid of consequences.



My little fearless one.


Don’t like the graininess, but LOVE the splashing action and the sky and Susannah striding confidently across the horizon. Classic. 🙂


I love this shot because we have one of Subee crawling on the beach exactly like this at this same age in a very similar swimsuit. I must pull it out and do a comparison.


Gosh! She’s SO darn cute! Good grief.



We were blessed with a beautiful sunset on the drive home.

Thanks to my compulsive obsession with taking pictures, you may watch it’s progression in the many following images.







My just-woke-up bear. I love this look she has when she first wakes up – so wide-eyed and quiet and beautiful. Wish it wasn’t grainy, but, again, cell phones…



Subee is always telling us she needs to “write some e-mails” and “lemme check my facebook.”

Eeek! Sounds like her parents need to lay off the computer time.

Still, she is incredibly cute while “writing her e-mails,” which means typing randomly in Word and pausing every so often to sigh dramatically and announce that she “just has to check some e-mails.” 🙂

Such a little imitator.


3 thoughts on “Family time

  1. You guys are capturing the most precious times in life and making all the ones around you live them again with you. You two are some of the best blessings we have!

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