A blog post about (other) blogs? And MORE cell phone pictures

I don’t get a whole lot of time for fun stuff when I get on the Internets (yes, it is plural- just ask MARY ALYS CHERRY….Dana, I hope you’re reading this, because if not I just wasted an inside joke).

But I do like to laugh – A LOT. Laughing is such a great stress reliever. I mean, say, perhaps I WERE TO NEED a stress reliever… if I were to ever experience stress. totally hypothetical…

SO one of my favorite places to find humor are other blogs by other moms who make me realize writing about and laughing about the ridiculous craziness of our jobs can actually make us feel much more normal and sane and stress relieve-ed… NOT that it’s a stressful job, lest you get the wrong idea…

Really, I don’t regularly read any blogs except my sisters’, and this one – which usually manages at least once a week to make me: a.) say out loud (when I am alone, reading ) “YES! Exactly! That’s what I’m talking about!” or b.) laugh and feel better about life.

I had to share some of my favorite quotes from some of her writing this week:

“I scanned the park for another parent, and here’s another concerning bit.  Despite the fact that there were about 25 kids in the skate park, I could not see another single adult nearby.  It was a lawless place.  A veritable Lord of the Flies, and I was an intruder in their skating anarchy.  (I might be exaggerating this part just a little, but it was definitely a Liz Lemon YOUTHS! kind of moment).”

“Anarchy, man.  It’s all fun and games until you’re 36 and realize that it actually isn’t really a sustainable model at all.  So, we’re moving on from the skate park.”  

And this particular post spoke to me, not because I have or probably will ever have a nanny or housekeeper or helper of any kind, but because I totally understand the frustration of trying to work from home and be the best stay/work-at-home mom possible.

This excerpt from that post sums up motherhood fairly well (and I hope this nanny girl is not considering motherhood anytime soon cuz she sounds kinda NOT ready):

“The most recent nanny who left mentioned her concerns about the fact that after she worked so hard to clean and organize, everything would be back to it’s messy state within a few days.  And that she felt frustrated that she had to spend so much time disciplining the kids that it took away from time just relaxing and having fun with them.  And much as I would like to argue, um, yeah, welcome to my world, THOSE ARE THE THINGS WE HIRED YOU TO DO . . . there’s also a part of me that hears it and totally relates.  YES.  Those things suck.  I wouldn’t want to work at a place where those things were my job, either.  I often feel trapped by these responsibilities as well.”

And hopefully that doesn’t sound too negative – especially to you pre-kid types. I don’t mean to give you the impression being a mom is ALL work and no play.

Because it truly is also the MOST wonderful, fulfilling, rewarding job I’ve EVER had.
When I think that I get to spend EVERY day with my little precious ones, I’m overcome with gratefulness.

And, honestly, I’m a total pansy about leaving my kids – I seriously miss them after being gone a few hours. I know – I’m ridiculous, David has (gently) told me so many times. 🙂

The truth is, I’ve never loved any other human beings the way I love these two little souls.

I mean, really, check them out – are they not the most amazing people?!

(BUNCHES of cell phone photos to follow)


Riding the ferry – first time for the girls.

Yes, this was our brilliant idea of fun for our not-quite 1 and not-quite 3-year-old children. Especially fun was the waiting in line to board the ferry. In the car. In the sun. AT NOON. For no less than AN HOUR.

I’m sure you can imagine there was more than a little “protesting” from the back seat about all the “fun” we were having. Shame I didn’t take a picture of that part of our trip – so memorable. Really.

The good news is when we got on the ferry and out of carseats and up on the deck where the breeze was blowing everybody was SUPER happy.

Haha…. riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

This was Lydia’s reaction (if she were talking, which, by the way, I always imagine would sound like an over-enthusiastic, overly happy surfer dude): “WHOA! SWEET place! LOVE it! Can we live here?! Look at all these THINGS!”
(Just look at her! Sweet, chubby cheeks! And chubby arms, and chubby EVERYthing. LOVE her.)

And THIS ^^^ was Susannah’s reaction. Only there were many more tears and much more screaming and general panicking than this picture really conveys. After several minutes of screaming/panicking, Susannah came to the astonishing realization that the menacing ferry boat would NOT kill her. David was making her take her hands off her ears right here.

Starting to enjoy herself and even laughing at her own ridiculous reaction a little bit. 🙂

Susannah was our cautious watchdog – making sure that ferry didn’t make any sudden moves.

Aaaaand back to Lydia: “WOOhoo! Can this thing go any faster?! LOOK at all those THINGS!”


She was in fact so enamored with the ferry ride that we couldn’t get her to look the camera for this picture. BORING! She would have SO missed something important happening if she wasted 5 seconds on the camera.


Susannah finally relaxed enough to sit all by herself and really enjoy the ride. Sweet girl.
(In contrast, Lydia refused to be held at all during this adventure. Any attempt I made to stabilize or control her in any way that resembled anything like NOT standing up on the bench looking out was considered HIGHLY unacceptable by Lydia.)


The ferry ride back was thoroughly enjoyed by both girls. Gettin’ crazy here.


So, as most people know, it’s getting up to about 180 degrees EVERY day now in Houston. I know, I know – I’m exaggerating.

The truth is our outdoor thermometer registered yesterday’s high temperature as ONLY 122.  Nope – I’m not exaggerating that number.

So, yeah. We’ve been, how shall I say, NOT GOING OUTSIDE FOR FEAR OF DEATH.

One of the places we frequent most is the Barnes and Noble/Starbucks. We get coffee, the kids get to completely wreck the kids section of the bookstore. . Win, win.

Totally kidding – we clean up their mess. Kinda. Most of the time.

Extra bonus – we don’t all die of heatstroke.

Lydia LOVES climbing. She’s recently discovered she can conquer just about anything with her determination and strength. Here she is proudly evaluating her most recent ascent onto the Chair of Green at Barnes and Noble.


SO cute. Love this expression. She is so proud of herself here. 🙂

More climbing and dare-devil-ing.

I really can’t remember the last thing she did NOT try to climb.

Look at that face! 🙂 She makes me so happy.



This face makes me happy, too! 🙂 Fresh from her bath. She said “Soyntly!” (David has taught her that classic Three Stooges phrase).




More baby bug pictures.

Enjoy the one above – it’s one of the few non-blurry cell-phone pictures I have of her. The next few reflect very accurately how much she moves.



Ok, so speaking of movement… I tried to get ONE non-blurry cell phone picture of Lydia and myself…You may see below how easy that is NOT.




Well, she looks cute even in motion. 🙂



Susannah wearing her new headband – and the BEST hairstyle. Why, yes, she did put this on herself. However did you guess?


Lydia found some awesome treasures – in my mom’s recycling bin. Hey, at least it wasn’t the garbage. Garbage cans are old news – been there, done that.


Susannah found some of Uncle Timmy’s “guys” to play with. My girls are so blessed to have such a young uncle. I mean, how many other uncles can claim to have toys that both they AND their three-year-old niece enjoy.


The bag-hat pictures:

This style idea was completely Susannah’s, but when I started talking pictures, it was difficult to get her to pose… so posing together was part of the compromise we reached.


Also, these are out of order. I had to pose with the bag FIRST, before she would consider it.
When she saw this picture on my phone, she said, in shock, “I don’t have a shirt on! I needa get a shirt on!” which explains why the previous pictures show her in a much more modest state, but does NOT explain how she didn’t know about the missing shirt without seeing a picture…


My pretty bug in one of my favorite outfits ever. A reseale shop find.


Susannah – in a box, with a kitty, AND a huge flower on her head. Obviously. Duh.


Susannah found this at my mom’s house. “I’m wearing a Christmas hat!”
Nope, she doesn’t know about Santa. I’m totally ok with that.


My girls have a knack for finding (and loving) treasure that other people have mysteriously cast off as worthless. Empty milk jugs, empty Gatorade bottles, Santa hats that are perfectly good for wearing in August…. AND this awesome red action figure – abandoned in a playground. Susannah looked earnestly for it’s owner: “Whose is that for?!” incredulous that anyone could lose such a thing and not immediately retrace their steps to find it.

Lydia thought it was pretty neat, too.

I LOVE these girls! 🙂





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