Lydia adventures and the post that wasn’t

See that adorable, beautiful face with the curious, bright eyes?

That is the face of mischief.

In one single day last week this little bundle of energy managed to:

1.) Lose my keys (house and car- we were stuck at home) so completely that we spent an ENTIRE day searching for them and found them at the very bottom of the kitchen trashcan, which I had searched several times already.

2.) Climb into the bathtub (empty of water, fortunately, because it was not actually bathtime) without any assistance. Seriously, how did she do it?! The side of the tub is almost as tall as her!

3.) Make herself pass out from screaming and not breathing because she was so angry, which goes down on my list of most terrifying parenting moments. Yeah, she’s not one yet and she’s already given me several of those moments. Got a feeling we better hold on tight – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Also, (BIG news!) Lydia started officially walking last week. She’s very proud of herself. One day I hope to post video on here, but until then, trust me. 🙂

Still a few weeks shy of her first birthday, and she’s taking off already. (refer back to “bumpy ride” comment from earlier.)

I also found out last week she is cutting a third tooth. She’s not in a hurry about that process. The last two teeth came in almost 5 months ago.

Took these pictures when David was replacing our kitchen faucet (!!! very exciting) and Lydia was ecstatic at the opportunity to climb in the cabinet without us stopping her. 🙂

Such curiosity.

Lydia’s cabinet adventures reminded David and I of these pictures of David as a baby:

I know, I know… They resemble each other a bit…
They are both pretty amazingly cute.

So we thought we’d let Lydia try a rainbow popsicle.

I’m not gonna say it was a BRIGHT idea. But, hey, she’ll have fun, right?

OR maybe she’ll just be completely confused by the cold, bright colors.

This was the final demise of the popsicle. She didn’t eat a bite, but she got plenty sticky and so did her tray.

And now I will spare you the very long angry rant I’ve prepared in my head about the frustrations of WordPress and how much I’ve wanted to switch blogs (again!) because of their horrible way of handling photos…. (!!!)

Yes, that actually is me skipping the rant… You don’t want to hear what I WANT to say.

And on a positive note I’ll leave you with this sweet, sweet shot of my Lydee Bug (one of the only shots I was able to actually include in this post from a big group of pictures I was trying to post… grrrr)

But that face makes me happy anyways!

Don’t care about no stupid WordPress when I got my sweet bug to make me smile.


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