A picture post. {or “Try #18”}

And here are the pictures of my gorgeous little girls that I’ve been trying to post for a week now.

Turns out there’s a BETTER WAY TO BLOG than by using WordPress’ really, really… {pause to breathe out frustration and choose words wisely…} BAD system.

Thanks to Rage Against the Minivan, I’ve discovered Windows Live Writer, which allows me to write and add photos (in a SMART way) right on my computer, without using a browser.

Sold? And you don’t even have to buy anything! It’s a free download here!


But first you must adore my children. Because they are clearly adorable!

girls 8-11-13

girls 8-11-16

girls 8-11-14

girls 8-11-15

girls 8-11-17girls 8-11-18

Love my baby girls hair. The loose little curls on the back of her head (!!) – could she be cuter? I think not.


girls 8-11-19

Hehe. I don’t remember why she was blinking… super cute, though.


girls 8-11-20girls 8-11-21

girls 8-11-22

girls 8-11-23

girls 8-11-24

girls 8-11-25

My big girl. My constant imitator.

Today, she walks out onto the porch, surveys the mess of toys laying strewn about and, with a big sigh and dramatic hand gestures, says:
”Mommy, why are you always leaving all dese things laying around?”


girls 8-11-26

girls 8-11-27

girls 8-11-28

girls 8-11-29girls 8-11-30

girls 8-11-31girls 8-11-32

All of these laughing pictures are thanks to Susannah’s antics. Nobody can make Lydia laugh like Susannah. And vice versa. Makes my heart happy to see my girls becoming such close sisters. The beginning of a life-long friendship.

girls 8-11-33

girls 8-11-34

girls 8-11-35

girls 8-11-36

girls 8-11-37

One of Susannah’s favorite activities is playing with dirt – seriously. She’ll do it for as long as you let her.


girls 8-11-38

girls 8-11-39


girls 8-11-41

girls 8-11-40

My sweet, thoughtful girl. This picture really captures her personality.


girls 8-11-42girls 8-11-43

girls 8-11-45


girls 8-11-46girls 8-11-47

A passing car fascinated her.


girls 8-11-48girls 8-11-49

girls 8-11-50

Also today, my Subee came up to me and gave me a big hug.

Surprised, because she’s not the type to initiate affection, I said “Awww, thanks, Subee! That was sweet.”
She replied: “I’m a mom. I’m being a mom.”
I interpret this to mean that she believes it’s a mom’s job to give out hugs indiscriminately.

And I’m ok with that job description. Smile


girls 8-11-51girls 8-11-52


girls 8-11-53

girls 8-11-54girls 8-11-55

And now – I have to go be mom.

In the course of trying to write this one blog, here are just a few of the events that have occurred:

– Girls waking up from nap

– Susannah somehow procuring a knife and giving me a dissertation on how dangerous it is and how she’ll let me have it one day when I “get big.” Fortunately, it was just a table knife.

– Lydia getting stuck in the plastic kid’s rocking chair in such an incredible way that it took even me a while to get her out. (?!!)

– Susannah somehow procuring SCISSORS! What is up with sharp stuff?!

– Both girls taking turns trying to toss, stand on and otherwise destroy important things, like PRINTS FOR CLIENTS. Nothing that important.

Yeah. Time for me engage. While I still have somewhat of a house and business left.

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