My baby bug is 1!

Today I am happy to be here, rather than one year ago.

I’m so happy to have a beautiful, energetic, healthy, toddling, loving one-year-old baby girl.

Lydia was, of course, precious as a newborn and I’ve loved watching her grow at what seems like such a rapid pace throughout this year. I am glad she’s still a baby, and I’m not ready for her to not be a baby yet.

But, honestly, I am glad to put some distance between us and the event of Lydia’s birth.

Lydia’s birth was… difficult…That’s the short version. For the long version, check out her birth story on our old blog.

Sad to say, but her birth day (and the many days preceding her birth and a few right after) were some of the most miserable days in my life.

But the wonderful part was, of course, this perfect little gift.





And here we are – one year later.


I love this photo of her perfect little face.



I also love the wider shot  – in color and black and white. Smile

David and I sat down and looked back on Lydia’s first year and decided that it was, somewhat coincidentally, one of our hardest years as a family so far.

There were many, many other factors that made the year hard, but Lydia’s difficult relationship with sleep (which continues to be an issue… Instead of taking her nap right now, she’s keeping herself and Susannah awake. Yay!) really added to the challenges we were already experiencing.

See, if you don’t get sleep, you will pretty much BE grumpy. And emotional. And feel like the world is about to end ALL THE TIME. That’s just how it is without sleep.

So, yes, Lydia has given us some really character-building challenges this past year.

BUT mostly she has brought us joy, excitement, energy, love of life, smiles, laughs, SQUEALS of delight, a willing playmate for Susannah… the list could go on endlessly.

Lydia is amazing to watch. I find myself fascinated with her every move sometimes.

She has a plan and purpose for everything she does inside her head and she’s eager, determined, and inexhaustible about getting done whatever she wants to do.

She keeps us busy with her energy, since we spend lots of time chasing after her and keeping her from harm, but she also gives us a break, in many ways, because she wants to do things herself. She is incredibly determined and confident and pretty difficult to dissuade from any venture she sets her mind to.

She started walking just a few weeks ago, and already she’ll take LONG walks down the sidewalk. She’ll take off, completely unconcerned with whether we’re following or not. She loves the freedom walking has given her.

It’s really hard to describe all the amazing things about this little girl, but maybe these pictures give you a better idea.

So the story here is that Susannah was playing with paint – washable paint, VERY washable, thankfully – and Lydia REALLY wanted to get in on the action. I couldn’t imagine that going well INSIDE the house, so I put them outside and pretty much just let them do whatever they wanted to with the paint…


And boy, did they like that idea! I kept hearing squeals of laughter and happiness and every time I checked on them they were each just a little closer to being completely covered in paint.


Then, of course, not to be greedy they needed to share with the porch and the screen door…


I know, I’m so heartless to be taking pictures of my baby when she’s crying…


But she’s got a pretty cute sad face. She was pretty sure I needed to pick her up instead of taking pictures.


Hahaha! LOVE this one – look at that classic little pouty lip.




Susannah thought it was the coolest thing I had ever let them do. Smile



Showing me her blue hand.


And her blue foot.




Started to clean them up – nothing less than a hose on full blast was going to conquer that mess.



Lydia loved the chance to play with the water on her own.







This one cracks me up – Susannah looking dramatic and thoughtful, Lydia crying because she wants to stand up, but keeps falling down.


I’m not sure if they enjoyed the paint or the water more.



Love this cute hand thing that Lydia does. Smile



Awww…. Sad bug.



CUTE bug!


Beautiful bug!



So Susannah got her first pair of Converse – pink, of course.

David was very excited and said pictures were absolutely necessary.




Susannah is pretty happy about them, too. Smile


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