Catching up on cell phone pictures (aka – our visual history)


This picture is several months old now. Maybe 3? Wow.

I will now attempt to post all the cute photos from my cell phone the last three months.

Subee’s birthday donut


David thought it would be fun to get Subee a special donut for the morning of her birthday.
Her birthday is so much fun now that she’s really old enough to get excited and understand the importance of it. So we went off to HEB to find the brightest, sparkliest donut we could find. She was VERY excited about it. Smile



A couple days after her birthday we used some of the leftover party favor tattooes. She picked the biggest one we had – which ended up being pretty much an entire sleeve for her little arm. Smile with tongue out


A future in Hollywood?


I know, I know – it looks bad – like her first shiner, right? No worries, it’s just makeup.
However, I sorta freaked out when I found her like this because I was pretty sure she had just bashed her face or something. But she smiled shyly and David explained she had been “putting on makeup.”  Seems like if she’s that convincing accidentally, she definitely could have a future as a movie makeup artist…. Crying face  (I know this face doesn’t really make sense – I let Susannah choose this one…)


Lydia – thrilled and excited about a toy that makes noise and flashes lights.



Shhhh! It’s her Christmas present!


Every time we see this tricycle at Target, Subee begs to ride it. She’s pretty much mastered it by learning during our Target trips. Definitely on her Christmas list. Smile


Subee – the natural nurturer and comforter


When Lydia falls asleep in her carseat, Susannah gently reaches over and holds her hand. One of the sweetest things. She loves to be taken care of, but Subee also loves to take care of others. Every time Lydia is crying, Susannah wants to get her a toy or something to help her feel better. I could not have asked for a better big sister for my baby.


Playing with chalk



About that nurturing spirit…


What gets Susannah excited? A bed to put her dolls in. Yup. Winking smile


The Weepies in concert


David and I were so excited to get to see our favorite band The Weepies in concert at the House of Blues in September.


We brought Elaine along, too, ‘cause she’s also a fan, and it’s the least we could do to thank her for all her wonderful and selfless ways she helps us by watching our girls whenever we need her.



It was a really fabulous night.


Susannah starts dressing herself


Susannah has been choosing her own clothes lately…. sometimes the outfits are fine. Sometimes she puts socks and sandals together…. Surprised smile



My cute, cute, cute Lydee Bug – and LOTS of paint. Surprised smile



One of their most fun moments as sisters. Sad smileOpen-mouthed smile




Subee and Daddy napping



Lydia thought it was great fun to play in Subee’s carseat when we took out of the car.




Lydia walking!


She started right before her first birthday – and she took off! She’s never looked back or paused ever since. I’m pretty sure she walks about twice the speed of Susannah.



My three loves


Possum in the engine – alive, of course.

David was trying to leave, but couldn’t get his car down the driveway before it died. When he opened the hood this is what he saw staring back at him. Yes, he was quite alive and well and had built a very cozy nest inside the engine. After much prodding and poking and spraying with water we were able to get him to leave.

oct. 11-1

oct. 11-2



Good times at the laundromat

Me and Lydia chillin’ at the laundromat.

oct. 11-3oct. 11-4oct. 11-5

She’s staring at another lady here – just about the only time she’ll sit still.


Dogs and outside and stuff

oct. 11-6

Lydia loves animals. She squeals with delight every time she sees any kind of animal and she’s totally unafraid.

oct. 11-9

Squealing – Annabelle the dog was not as excited about Lydia, especially when she started shrieking.


oct. 11-7oct. 11-8



Beach House!

All the Jackson side of the family (yes, incredibly, ALL of us, including spouses and children) went out to a beach house in Bolivar for the weekend at the beginning of October.

oct. 11-10

First night there.

oct. 11-11oct. 11-12

Susannah was so thrilled to be at the beach. Water makes her very happy.


oct. 11-13oct. 11-15

She was dancing and singing. Smile


oct. 11-14

oct. 11-16

One of my favorites of Subee.


oct. 11-17

Running into the waves with cousin Caleb.

oct. 11-18

Lydia was also ecstatic about the beach.

oct. 11-19oct. 11-21oct. 11-22oct. 11-23

oct. 11-24

It was an amazing sunset.


oct. 11-25

Our last morning there. We had an amazing view of the beach from our room – lots of windows facing the beach, where the sun was rising over the water.

oct. 11-26

Of course, all the windows meant the girls woke up with first light, but getting to sit on the bed and cuddle with them while watching the sunrise was totally worth losing some sleep

oct. 11-28

In the middle of a chaotic weekend and our generally chaotic lives, this was a sweet moment of peace that I still hold on to in my memory. Helps me to get through some of the chaos.

oct. 11-27


oct. 11-29

Excited to start the day.

oct. 11-30

Sweet and thoughtful. Notice how Lydia is blurry in every single photo? Yeah – that’s how she rolls. Literally and constantly.

oct. 11-31


oct. 11-32

Fascinated by the view.

oct. 11-33


First Real Cold Front!

oct. 11-35oct. 11-36

Last week we got our first really cold cold front. As Lydia can tell you, it blew in with lots of wind. Smile

oct. 11-37oct. 11-38

Lydia is very active and energetic, but we’ve discovered the secret to helping her chill – wagon or stroller rides. We go on a walk as a family, plop her down in her stroller or wagon and she will chill out quietly and be very content – as long as we keep moving.

oct. 11-39oct. 11-40

We turned around while on our walk and saw Lydia hiding her face under this sweater. Smile

Her favorite game is hide-and-seek. She covers her face and when we say “Where’s Lydia?” She literally screams in excitement and happiness and sometimes she pulls the blanket/sweater off her face. Sometimes we just see a pink blanket or curtain or whatever she’s covered in moving around and waving excitedly – sort of like the cutest ghost ever. Smile

She is so much fun.

Ok – and now the below “text” will not make sense – Susannah has been begging me, while I was writing this post, to let her type. So, now she will begin her own message. Smile








n vb nmnm   nbbbv v b nbmnvmn  




0=l;p 000000000;ll.0-0000000000000000000000


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