Not the Christmas/end-of-year/New Year post

You didn’t think I’d post about something in the same month it happened, did you?

The Christmas post will have to wait. I took photos with my real camera, which means I haven’t downloaded/edited/uploaded them yet.

So much has happened in the TWO MONTHS since I last posted.

Maybe these cell phone photos will give a small taste of the last two months – minus Christmas.


Why not start off the post with a magna-doodle person? This is actually an old picture, too, but magna-doodle people have been super important in our house in the last few months. Subee spends loooong periods of time just working on perfecting her person drawing skills.


Here she is showing me how the guy she drew is holding his hand. Smile








Her most recent creation –  from just a few days ago. These guys even have hair! At least the mom does – it’s a mommy, daddy and baby, Susannah tells me. She ran out of room for the dad, so he is sadly armless. Also kinda expressionless…



Love seeing my girls playing together.



Peek-a-boo – Lydia’s favorite game. Smile


Remote controls – Lydia’s favorite toy.


Randomness! Wedding dress shopping with Hannah  back in October – me and Elaine had a little too much fun with the discount rack.



Going waaaay back (again) – we went to the pumpkin patch… sometime in October….?






Lydia loving the toy car/ride at the grocery store. Don’t even have to put money in it! She thinks it’s pretty great just the way it is. Plus, Susannah FREAKS out if it turns on, so….


Went shoe-shopping at DSW with Subee at the end of October.

She was much more interested in the hats.







This was the fence progress at the beginning of November – just a bunch of holes waiting for posts. Also, apparently, a great place to play.



Subee had dropped a ball into the hole and then climbed down into it to get her ball back.
Amazing how a 2-feet deep hole is almost as tall as her.



At the end of November (Thanksgiving weekend) this is what the fence looked like.


Thanks to wonderful help from brother-in-law Jerome, our awesome brother Jeremiah almost finished the entire fence that weekend.




In December Jeremiah added the drive-through gate. Now all that’s left is the walk-through gate, which will be right next to this gate, and a couple of pickets.


My cute, fun bug.


Pointing at the moon. “BOOOO!” as she calls it.


She always notices the moon and always points. Smile




Beautiful Subee.





Middle of November, Lydee got pretty sick, but was really only down for less than 48 hours. Subee for only maybe 2 hours!

Here they both are playing happily in the bath at the end of a day in which they both threw up and ran a temperature. I LOVE how kids bounce back from sickness!




Subee started Cubbies (AWANA) this year and since David is always working on Sunday afternoon when Susannah goes, me and Lydia get to have some really nice mommy-daughter time. Smile We’ve ended up going to the grocery store a lot, since going with just one kid seems so much easier these days.


Here she’s playing in the car before we went to pick up Subee.

I love getting to spend one-on-one time with my sweet bug.



Fun outside





Subee preparing to run. The awesomest pre-run stance EVER.



Thanksgiving weekend we celebrated cousin Isaac’s 4th b-day at Aunt Stephanie’s house because all the family was in town. It rained while we were there and the girls, of course, must never miss out on an opportunity to play in the rain.

Even the rain that’s bringing a 20-degree-temperature-drop cold front. I dressed the girls in sun dresses, quite appropriate for the typical late November Houston day, which looked like it would top out around 80 degrees.  But if you get a sudden cold front AND you get soaking wet you get freezing cold. Right?

If you’re an adult, maybe. If you’re 3 and 1 years old, you just think it’s AWESOME.  And then your wiser mom bundles you up on the way home to prevent hypothermia.



Christmas Tree Shopping!




I asked Susannah to pose with our tree right before we purchased it.

You would NOT believe how difficult it is for a 3-year-old to understand “Stand in front of the tree so I can take a picture.”

See, she was totally cooperative, but stand in front of the tree, meant “look at the tree,” to her.  “Look at Mommy!” meant “walk away from the tree” to her. Disappointed smile



Susannah decorating the tree


You may notice in the background how beautifully Subee decorated the tree. She asked to hang the “ordaments” and the next thing I knew they were all hung on the tree– within 3 square inches of each other. Smile



Fun times in Lydia’s crib


Somehow the girls both decided that, while bed is no fun at bedtime when you HAVE to go there, it’s tons of fun the rest of the time when you WANT to be there.

So, yep, they hang out in Lydia’s crib.

Susannah loves to play the “sleeping” game. Confused smile



And they both like to just generally wrestle and cause a ruckus.  I think Lydia’s laughing here…. I think.  Laughing and crying usually flow together seamlessly in these cases.


Lydia’s cowlick


Lydia was sporting this cowlick all day recently and it was too cute not to capture it.  Her finger is pretty cute, too. Smile




Bought a winter cute for Subee (really cute!) and it came with this cute hat.
Susannah liked the hat, too, and picked out this entire outfit herself to go with the hat. Smile


Then Lydia had to try on the hat.

She did not, however, stand still enough for me to get a non-blurry shot.



Susannah’s makeup


Subee put a LOT of eye shadow on one day recently and it looked AWESOME. I had trouble getting a good picture of it, but trust me, it’s there.




Just some Lydee cuteness.



We made Christmas sugar cookies at the beginning of December. Subee was pretty excited to eat one. Smile



Winter/Fall/December in Houston


Susannah recently found out she could “climb” this short bush/tree and was ecstatic. I was pretty impressed with my cautious little girl getting so brave, too. Fun to see her grow up.


Fall comes late in Houston (it’s winter everywhere else) but it happens fast when it gets here. This photo was taken Dec. 9 and not two weeks later all these leaves were completely brilliant with color. I have photos. I’ll post our winter color/trees photos later.



Birthday weekend in Galveston



David and I got away together for two nights and a day to celebrate his birthday, thanks to our wonderful brother and sister, Noah and Laura, watching the girls for us.


It was very chilly in Galveston, so we obviously didn’t do any swimming, but we enjoyed staying at the San Luis Hotel and checking out the gorgeous views of the glass-like ocean. I’ve rarely seen the water so still. It was crazy.


Another view of Lake Galveston.





Love this man. Smile



Took a chilly walk on the beach.





Shadowy figures.





And to end this post, a super cute photo of Lydee playing peek-a-boo with newspaper. Smile



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